How much does proofreading cost?

My base rate is $3 per page (250 words) or $0.012 per word. However, I can’t give you a firm quote until we speak and I have a chance to preview your text.

How long will it take you to proofread my paper?

​It depends on how long it is and how much work I need to do. You can send me a few pages to preview. Let’s talk about it!

I’m behind schedule. Do you take rush jobs?

It depends on my schedule and work load. There is an additional charge for rush jobs.

I have a spell checker. Do I still need a proofreader?

​A spell checker is great and I use one, too. But, the spell checker doesn’t know if the correct word is “its” or “it’s.” Or “then” or “than.” You need another set of eyes to read your paper and understand the context.

OK. But what about the grammar checker?

Grammar checkers can be helpful, but they are also limited. Nothing beats an experienced proofreader for getting the grammar right and making sure your reader understands your ideas.

​I’m ready to start. How do I hire you?

​Head over to the Contact Form. We’ll arrange a time to talk via Skype or Zoom.