50 Box Cat Maze

It’s Cole and Marmalade exploring their new box maze.

It’s looks like fun and the cats play along. That’s good of them since it took a lot of work to build the maze.

Would you build a maze for your cats? How hard do try to entertain your cats?

Cats and Petting Style

It’s clear not all cats like to be petted the same way.

In fact, from one day to the next our cats may not like the same form of petting.

What petting styles does your cat like?

Kitten Walks with Huskies

Watching kitten Rosie walking with these huskies is so funny.

Many years ago we were staying in a motel while we waited to move into a new apartment. We had our cat with us. Our cat scared the motel staff and they required us to take him out on a leash when they cleared our room.

Getting that cat to walk few feet on a leash was pure torture.

Also, we discovered cats are very good at getting out of even small harnesses.

Have you ever tried walking a cat on a leash?